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When it Comes to 2D Payment Gateway Industries, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We are dedicated to providing 2D merchant accounts and business solutions
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Every industry has its own goal to get a Merchant account. For those who have a strong financial business- there are chances of facing refusal. If you are going through the same phase then you can consult with us. If you have a firm with operational models is identified as high risk by traditional banks. Here you will avail as aggressive merchant acceptance policy, personalized industry consultation, flexible merchant account solutions, both are available- Domestic and offshore. You redirect to yield greater risks. When others refuse, we WELCOME!

2D Payment Gateway and High Risk Payment Models Are Our Specialty

Who think many chargebacks, monetary loss or potential fraud, they can avoid us. 2D Gateway LLC will understand the pattern of your business and lower any potential risk.

Our experts have the experience, processes, capacity to identify high-risk merchant markets follow card band rules across the multiple geo-locations.

We also involve in sound underwriting practices that identify the modifying risk trends. The result is very instant and including fewer charge backs.

We are Your Trusted Commerce Partner

Choose expert commerce solutions and powerful 2D Payment Gateway that help your business grow, no matter your industry or where you do business.


Rapid Approvals

When it comes to providing services, we follow all legal terms and conditions. We are renowned to approve your 2D Payment Gateway and High-Risk Merchant account on the same day.

Transparent, No Hidden Fees

You will avail reasonable rates without any hidden fees. Most of the rival companies cannot compete with us when it comes to providing rates. Our mission is, to provide transparency and friendly services.


Secure & Simple Integration

Our high-end latest feature based platform is meant for the Merchants who want to integrate with their shopping cart, ecommerce, or online POS solution quickly.

Quality Client Care

You will avail of sound experience-based, trustworthy, dedicated 24×7 customer support. You will get an instant answer from our Technical Help Desk through day or night phone call or by email.

Unified Omni-Channel Solutions

You will connect in-store or retail operations to an e-Commerce site. We will provide consistent, innovative, and unified customer experiences.


Personal Assistance

We know every business is unique. That’s why we provide personalized solutions based on individual business requirements. It will ensure success only.


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